2 more tips for visiting Portugal (Lisboa)

Every day is a learning experience, as it should be.  Visiting a city like Lisboa will kick one right out of one’s rut.  Certainly it has mine. More tips are offered to help make your transition as painless as possible.

  1.   Weather: June is a great time to be here. the temperature rarely gets to the mid-70s. Nights are cool, days are comfortable.  A light rain jacket is all you will need to stay dry (an occasional rain shower here and there). In checking the weather, Accuweather wanted me to pay for the privilege of learning the day’s weather, but the BBC weather was always there for me. It even has a radar screen to watch the day’s weather. It is nice to be prepared for the day with clothing. Yesterday was sunny, warm (low 70s) but the breeze was rather cool. Being prepared equals comfort.
  2.  I found a free app (Android) for translation of words from Portuguese to English. It is called All Language Translator. It has hundreds of languages. Rated 4.5 with 53,657 reviews. It also has a voice translation so you can learn how to say words.

11 Tips for travel to Portugal (in particular, Lisbon)

I have learned a lot in just a few days. Well, actually over several weeks as we grew closer to the event and our planning of the trip. We really left the lodging arrangements to within 2 weeks of light off. We had also decided to travel with only carry-ons for 2 weeks. This one is a mixed bag, so to speak. It was really good because we did not book through a consolidator or agency.  We booked Norwegian Air from Seattle to London Gatwick. Then we booked TAP (Air Portugal) from London to Lisbon.  Not having to pickup bags and clear any official lines made our transition between airlines at Gatwick easier. (There is a whole other story about that later.) The down side is a backpack and a 21 inch spinner can be a lot of weight to maneuver, especially if you have to go up or down rickety stairs to and from the plane. (We had to several times.)

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