Monday morning coffee shop observations

A morning of people watching in a coffee shop …..

A cool fall morning in Seattle is like no other place.  Go into a coffee shop, have a cappuccino and watch as the city awakens. People watching can be a most interesting hobby.

There is the homeless person who buys a mocha latte in the coffee shop so (s)he can sit quietly in the corner and sleep in relative safety.  Across the room the unemployed, well-suited, well-soled job seeker, with his nervous cup of java, reviews yet one more time his resume and the job description. Will this be his lucky cup of joe and his lucky day?

Outside the shop, viewed through the window, the beat of the city steps up a pace.  People begin crossing the streets in hurried steps and cars dart by, their drivers looking for that elusive “on-street parking place”.  Pedestrians float by with their distinctive, cultish, white ear buds snaking down the necklines to their I-Pods.  A man, killing time, sits in the chill of the morning outside the coffee shop doing crossword puzzles in a well-worn, dog-eared book while the music in his headset renders him oblivious to the passers-by.

The casual “girl-chatter” of the baristas gets louder and more active as they flirt with every male who enters the doors.  You can almost smell the pheromones floating in the air around the espresso makers instead of the odor of freshly ground coffee.

With a little imagination, you can give people names and a back story that probably won’t come close to reality, but it is rather entertaining. Try it sometime….