Meet the “Stripe” of StripedPot(dot)com

Striped Pot
Striped Pot

Meet the inspiration for one of my websites:

“Stripe”, as it is fondly called here at the McBennett’s home, was discovered in a store room at the apartment building where we lived for about 12 years. It was about to be tossed in the trash during a clean out.  It was dirty and dusty without a lot of character. But I saw the beauty beneath the crud and asked for it to come home with me.  The maintenance person cleaning out the storeroom was more than happy to hand it off to me. Continue reading “Meet the “Stripe” of StripedPot(dot)com”

Photography as a hobby – taking it to the next level

Brownie Camera
Brownie Camera, Photo Credit – Wikipedia

I have always loved taking pictures. I grew up with a mother who had to document all important occasions with her Brownie camera. I wanted more. I splurged and bought a Polaroid in my college days. Continue reading “Photography as a hobby – taking it to the next level”

Reading materials, apps & devices to love or hate

My Original Kindle

I buy pretty much all my books on Amazon for reading on one or more of my Kindles. Yes, I have more than one. Actually, I still have (for old times’ sake) my first Kindle. It will still charge up, but mostly it just sits on the shelf. Very plain, but for nostalgia’s sake, I still have it. Continue reading “Reading materials, apps & devices to love or hate”

Health and recovery efforts from stress

Homeowner/Board member of the Year, 2017
Homeowner/Board member of the Year, 2017

The stress of four years on the Board of Directors at my condominium association, as well as corporate President, took quite a toll on my physical & psychological health. As several professionals I dealt with through those four years have said, “No good deed goes unpunished”.

Continue reading “Health and recovery efforts from stress”

The Great Courses helps me travel and live “smart”

One of the great things about getting out of town….well, is “getting out of town”.

Travel is the most educational experience one can have. All the classes, all the “YouTube” videos, all the books, all the talking. None of them add up to going outside one’s home, remaining open while observing the actions and attitudes of those foreign to you.

One of the joys of being “retired” is having the time to takeThe Great CoursesThe Great Courses” classes so I can learn other languages in order to better communicate with people in the places I hope to travel to. Through The Great Courses, I can also improve my cooking, my photographic skills and my personal relationships. Continue reading “The Great Courses helps me travel and live “smart””